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You think it’s my sweater?

January 18, 2022

I could tell that excitement was building for Linc and Lola as we approached the nearly completed Memorial tunnels on our way to the Eastern Glades for their Sunday walk. Tails were wagging and noses were pressed against the newly washed car windows. They were ready to start strolling and wanted me to get there

I can can see clearly now – well maybe I can soon….

August 31, 2021

Today was the eye doctor day. It was about time to get the things checked out since I was missing my turns on the freeway because I kept passing the exit before I could read the exit sign. Hope you like my new glasses.

Pool Duck

I woke this morning with a case of anxiety. I couldn’t shake the worry over the chemical levels in the pool. There seems to be the beginnings of a ring of mold near the tile surround at the top. I am sure that the pump is not circulating the water properly which then doesn’t keep

My Sunday …

June 8, 2021

Mine started out with a yogurt parfait – strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, banana, local honey, flax seed, and covered with granola and a side of graham cracker and peanut butter. I poured a k-cup and then I sat back with my breakfast treat and turned on the tv to see what George Stephanopoulos had to say

PTZ lights?

June 1, 2021

Do you know what today is? Yes, it’s Tuesday, that’s for sure. And yes, it’s June 1st. But did you know that it is also the Duck’s 31st birthday? Well, it is. And I am so happy to be able to say that. You know last year, on our 30th birthday, there was some actual

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