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Monthly Archives: February 2020

30 Years…$29 per month 29¢ per minute

I may have mentioned in previous ramblings either one or the other of us had to be present at the Duck from the moment we opened until closing time.  When I would have to leave to do the banking or TWWNCNBUIP would take off for St. Vincent’s to pick up our twelve year old kitchen […]

Memories …

Seems like only yesterday that we were strolling down memory lane sorting through the scrapbooks and sharing stories with you about the early days. And then wow, corona happened and everything changed. What a crazy few weeks this has been. For all of us.  Everybody is working from home,  we are waiting in line to enter the grocery […]

30 Years…duck love

After 30 years we have a few stories to tell, but some stories are best told by others…. Dustin’s story None of us were supposed to be at the Mucky Duck that night, but we were. I had just spent the day in College Station studying for an exam. A friend and I decided to […]

30 Years…I heard it through the grapevine.

“I heard it through the grapevine” could have been our theme song during the six short weeks that passed from the time we signed our lease until June 1st, our “official” opening day. We hadn’t the time nor the energy to spread our own word about the Duck and there was no internet, Instagram or Facebook back then, […]