A few confessions …

April 20, 2012

Things are winding down for the bikers. A quick ride in the morning. Off to Lecce for lunch and a Cappucino. Visit to another church where I heard a few

No biking today …..

April 18, 2012

Our bike tour was to begin in Trulli today, so we had to transport the bikes to the starting point an hour away. When our transport arrived in Trulli we

From a rose colored dawn to dinner in the ‘Tavern of Jealousy’

April 16, 2012

Ten miles on a bicycle along the Adriatic Coast. Wind in my face the whole way. A short shuttle ride to our neighboring Masseria for dinner. Candle light and pizza.

“The best lemoncello in Italy”

April 13, 2012

The first day in Puglia we were given the freedom to wander about the country, at least the country surrounding our hotel. Starting the next day our hosts from VBT,

Making noodles and drinking prosecco …

April 12, 2012

[slideshow]We were still awake after 26 hours and quite hungry so we joined Val (a fellow cyclist) for brunch at our Masseria Torre Maizza Hotel restaurant. After lunch, I insisted

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