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We’re taking a Very Long Airplane Ride

all the way to Italy. That’s in Europe. That’s right – THE Europe. And when we get off the airplane we’re going to have to ride bikes all the way across the size 8 million and a half boot.

Apparently I’m a little too tall to fit in the fancy Italian sports cars. Stay tuned for notes from the road, chronicles of TWWNCNBUIP’s quest for the perfect Chianti, pictures of the Romans, the Corinthians, and maybe even pretty ole me holding up the leaning tower of Pizza…double pepperoni and onions…with a Zantac for dessert. The adventure starts in a couple weeks but as of right now i’ve got a mini toothbrush, a roll of good old fashioned American toilet paper and a spanking new iPad 3 for documenting my adventures from the road. With any luck at all CB will be tutoring me on the finer points of blogging on the shiny retnia display for your vicarious adventuring.

We will be taking this trip as a romantic couples adventure as CB and ALICAT have movies to make, Graham has dishes to wash and Garret has many many cocky monkeys to knock from their roosts with irate avians. With the peace and quiet that this solitude affords, I plan on sipping my lattes (they do have lattes there right?) on what I believe is called a Piazza while I watch the girls on Vespas go by while TWWNCNBUIP searches out the nearest bocce ball bookie.

We are pretty excited to be making this excursion and I’m sure that my on the road chronicles will inspire you to sign up for our MMD European Vacation 2013. Until then, you’ll just have to trust that we’re finding and all the best cafés, vineyards and meatballs that Italy has to offer while taking plentiful notes punctuated with stunning, high resolution iPad pictures.


  • William Barrett aka Cousin Billy says:

    Hot diggity. This ought a be good.

  • bzz says:

    look forward to some good photos! Ciao!!

  • sara hickman says:

    Excited to be hiding in the giant’s shirt pocket, poking my head out to get a front row view of this fabulous trip! Remember, Rusty, I’ll be able to hear EVERYTHING you say, so make sure and put me in EVERY shirt pocket after you ride those bikes 🙂 Very thrilled for you to have Italian Zantac for dessert. I hear it’s very,very good there!

  • Hugh McGunigel says:

    Have a great trip, look out for my house on the flight over. In fact, if your passing, come in and have a cup of tea.

  • Carl Masterson says:

    we’ll have to compare notes – Italy on bike and Paris on foot (mostly) should generate some tales….

  • Donna Otwell says:

    I love the stories — keep them coming!

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