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.. the big game ….

St. Augustine, is the oldest city in the USA. That’s what they say. Home of the oldest tee-shirt shop, the oldest fort, the oldest just about everything AND the million dollar man, made of shredded money which just happens to be in the original Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and Odditorium

It’s worth maybe an hour of your time if you include filling up the gas tank and having lunch. Not to say that St. Augustine wasn’t a highlight of the day, I’m just not saying that it was.

After having enough of the oldest of everything we  cruised toward Miami. Our cruising speed ended as we neared the city limits. The traffic was pretty much stopped with very little go.  Apparently there was some kind of big game in town.  I admit that the nephews had been talking about some championship everyday and if I had not tuned them out I might have put two and two together and added up that this Heat issue that they had been discussing was not their take on the Florida weather.

We crawled past the exit for the American Airlines Arena, site for said championship game, and made it into Coral Gables with just enough time to check into our hotel, head out for a quick bite and make it back to the hotel before any celebrating might begin.  We’ve actually been in the midst of a celebratory sporting crowd before and it can get a bit harrowing when total strangers decide to express their joy by jumping up and down on your car. We preferred to avoid this, if possible.

One fun side effect of all this basketball mania was that we were able to get immediate seating at Mike’s Genuine Food and Drink which our server said is unheard of except on championship game nights.  After our dinner and a lively discussion with our nephews about why it was necessary for us to finish dinner and head back to our hotel to avoid the party – the party pooper Uncle and Aunt explained that we had to get up early tomorrow because we going to the beach!  There was some groaning but the promise of a full day at the beach helped.

Tomorrow – beach!

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