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It’s the crack of dawn ….

and the nephews, TWWNCBUIP and I are loaded into the minivan, about to head out on Road Trip 2012. First stop Memphis. It seems we have made our way to Memphis as the first stop on several Road Trips…could be that’s because Memphis has been home to Chicken Boy and Calvin (CB’s wife) for the last five years. The nephews love for Memphis to be the first stop not only for the Chicken Boy connection but also because Memphis is the home of Gus’s Fried Chicken and world-famous barbeque.

The First Meal of the Road Trip

Did you ever go on a road trip with your parents and the most important thing about the trip seemed to be making “good time” on the road?  Well, I’m not normally a complainer (my opinion – with unsupported confirmation) but I will say that I may have whined a bit because our driver only allowed for two stops on our 10 hour drive to Memphis. We had a quick Waffle House breakfast  and a gas/potty/Mountain Dew stop somewhere in Mississippi. I didn’t even get to have CornNuts on this first leg of the trip, but we sure did make “good time”.

Dinner at the Majestic

Arriving in Memphis just before dark, we checked into our hotel and then met up CB and Calvin who were waiting outside on their bicycles. I assumed that we were eating casual and close. I was right.

We had dinner at The Majestic.  Bet you can guess what this building was in a previous life, right?  The movie on a screen inside the restaurant offers a great clue. I don’t know the name of the movie but I do know that I ordered one of everything on the menu. It had been a long time since the waffles.

To walk off my dinner of “everything on the menu” we took a walk around downtown Memphis. The Beale Street neons were all lit up and we joined the crowd watching the Beale Street Flippers  before dropping the nephews off to spend the night with CB and then heading back to our hotel, the Madison, where every single person who worked there wished us a good night.

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