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I performed a genteel southern curtsy and made a gracious exit

Good morning Atlanta.

Took a VIP tour of CNN this AM. Did NOT get to meet Wolf or Anderson but I did get to meet the Weather Guy … I didn’t know him but the ladies on our tour were thrilled to have their pictures taken with him.

TWWNCBUIP’s phone quit working yesterday. Our drive into Atlanta took forever because we were slowed to a crawl as a result of a huge rainstorm so I took advantage of the down time and performed a phone diagnostic test with Jeremy, the AT&T Guy. After the test Jeremy said he could not fix the problem over the airwaves – it was a bad SIMM chip.

He made an appointment at the ATT store in Atlanta for this morning to replace the chip.

We left for the ATT store right after the CNN tour, but once we got there, after examining the phone, the tech told me that it was in fact not the chip –the phone would have to be replaced and that I would have to take the phone to the Apple store located on Peachtree street as ATT could not replace the phone. The ATT tech called the Apple store to make a reservation for me but was told that there were no spots open today to see a Genius.

Not one to be deterred, I decided to drive there anyway, convinced that I could cajole the Apple guys to replace the phone.

Now, if you have ever been to Atlanta, you will know that every street, boulevard, avenue, circle, place, and lane is named Peachtree. So, even with Onstar, Iphone maps, and Google at my disposal, we still had to finally stop and ask someone on the street for directions.

We finally arrived at the Apple Store where I learned quickly that my powers of persuasion are not nearly what I thought they might be. No, we cannot see you without an appointment with the Genius and I would need to wait my turn, which happened to be three hours later.

I performed a genteel southern curtsy and made a gracious exit (this the way I remember it now matter what anyone else may tell you).

Two hours later, in Augusta, the Apple staff were far more accommodating and TWWNCBUIP left with a new phone.

We are now on State Highway 178, a 2-laner that snakes it’s way through some beautiful South Carolina cornfields and farmhouses. I am watching as a small road turns on to a smaller road that turns on to a smaller road.

Can this be right? Shouldn’t we be on the Interstate?

Where’s the map?

Google it.

Call Siri…..

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