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Pool Duck

I woke this morning with a case of anxiety. I couldn’t shake the worry over the chemical levels in the pool. There seems to be the beginnings of a ring of mold near the tile surround at the top. I am sure that the pump is not circulating the water properly which then doesn’t keep the PH level at the proper ratio.

And I am convinced that the kids next door came over while I was at work and while swimming they peed in the pool.

If I have to drain the pool to change out the water, it won’t be usable for a couple of days while i refill it, and what does it cost for 30,000 gallons of water?

I must have been thinking out loud as I made coffee, since TWWNCBUIP walked by and gave me the look and said, “Rusty, we don’t have a pool.”

So which is worse I ask myself, draining the pool or not having one.

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