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In spite of my dose of Ambian and covering my head with a blanket….

I still could not sleep, so between meals I finished my book, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” then watched a little Italian T.V. and tried to finish the crossword puzzle, which was difficult for me as I don’t speak much Italian, yet. Once we finally landed in Roma we were directed to Terminal B which was about a mile away from were we stood. We needed to stretch our legs so that worked out fine and we soon  found ourselves at the opposite end of the airport boarding a bus which was to take us on the next leg of our journey-a short flight to Bari. We were met outside the airport by a”Welcome VBT” sign and driver in a nifty Mercedes van. The welcome sign offered the only English words we would see or hear until our arrival in Brindesi at the reception area of our picturesque hotel Torre Maizza. The whitewashed stone rooms manage to be simple and elegant at the same time. Our room has a patio that opens onto a golf course and lemon grove. The air smells like lemons and you can see the Adriatic from our porch. Are the Adriatic and the Mediterranean the same and are they Oceans or Seas?

While out exploring the property I found myself  being a little skeptical of the amenities when I discovered this stash of bicycles. Are these ours to use for the next six days?  

And something tells me there will be orange juice for breakfast. I am just  wondering what Italian breakfast will be.  Hope it’s pizza and eggs!

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