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My Sunday …

Mine started out with a yogurt parfait – strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, banana, local honey, flax seed, and covered with granola and a side of graham cracker and peanut butter.

I poured a k-cup and then I sat back with my breakfast treat and turned on the tv to see what George Stephanopoulos had to say about the week. He was good but John Oliver brought it home as he brought the week in focus with a seven-minute-long rant about how there aren’t any good new breakfast cereals. If you choose to watch this video, you won’t gain fresh insight into any social or political issues, nor will you learn anything important about American history, unless you consider the time Trix cereal introduced the “Wildberry Blue” flavor to be an important part of American history.

After catching up on all the things that I thought were relevant. I was thinking that a nap would be appropriate. Just when I thought this was about to happen, the black and white dogs jumped up on the bed, laid on top of me and gave me the look of wanting more than this out of their Sunday. I looked over at TWWNCBUIP for support and received the same look. Looking back to John Oliver I realized that he had bailed on me also and was no longer on air.

Feeling the pressure to get out of the house, I moseyed into the garage and thought that this would be a great opportunity to take the family out for a drive in the convertible car that I received for my 50th birthday from TWWNCBUIP.

Smiling to myself, I got in the car to back it out of the garage and surprise the rest of the gang with my obviously brilliant plan. The surprise turned out to be on me, when I tried to start the car the cranker did not do any cranking. I guess one should crank it up more often than I do to keep the battery charged. I blame it on covid since I haven’t driven it since ’19.

After twenty minutes of trying to jump start it, I gave up and set about to remove the battery. Surely Hi-Lo Auto parts around the corner would be able to get the battery charged in a jiffy (for any of you younger people who might be trying to read this – a jiffy is to do something in a hurry).

Now that may sound easy to you, but when I opened the hood and there was no battery I was a little confused (alright I admit it was more than a little). It was a mystery but with my friends at Youtube I found a video showing maintenance of a 1984 Mercedes and the video show a battery in the trunk.  Now who would have thought that they would have put the battery in the trunk?

Not only that but you have to have special tool to open the secret in-the-trunk battery compartment. Back to the Youtube to watch from where the mechanic person retrieved the wrench to open the battery compartment. After getting the secret compartment open, I now realized that I also needed a screwdriver and wrench to unfasten the battery.

I finally found these tools in the Christmas tree storage box in the attic. You may wondering why tools are stored with Christmas ornaments, but I am the wrong person to ask.

After removing the battery from the battery compartment, off I went to Hi-Lo Auto Parts and found that the store is now called O’Reilly Auto Parts. Guess I haven’t been there in a while either.

I walked in and placed the battery on the counter and asked a young man who was wearing a name tag that said Dave on it if he could charge it up in a jiffy (he was youngish so I rephrased it to in-a-hurry).  Dave explained that he would check the battery and make sure it was still able to take a charge. I asked how long it would take to try and charge it. Couple of hours he said.

I checked my watch and decided that I was running out of time to be a hero at home so I just said to Dave that I would just buy a new battery.

The battery was soon back in the convertible and all connected,

I jumped into the car, turned the key and voila, I was in business just as TWWNCBUIP and the black and white dogs appeared at the door for a Sunday afternoon drive

Two blocks from the house, the skies opened up to another rainstorm.

Did I mention that the car is a convertible?

But enough about me, how was your Sunday?

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