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I wish I had a pecan pie …

Saturday last, with most all the bakeries around town closed for the day, I set out to find french rolls, bread boules and hamburger buns to get us through the day. After 2 1/2 hours I found that Three Brothers on Belfort did indeed have most all that I needed.

I spoke with Janice on the phone she said to come right over. So I did.

I arrived and went directly to the counter and asked to speak with Jackie. Said I, “She’s expecting me with an order that she’s holding for the Mucky Duck”

I got a blank look and the young lady said “We don’t have anyone working here by that name.”

Just as I panicked, someone from the back called out. “My name is Janice and I spoke with your wife and have your order.” Okay, I am not so good with names I thought to myself, and was glad that Janice had a better memory than I.

She came around the corner from the back of the bakery carrying four bags of baked goods and before I could speak she said “These are your choices, holding up the loaves” I said, Do you have ……” And she repeated “these are your choices…..”

I got the message this time and said, “Just what I was hoping for! I’ll take all of them”

As the rolls, loaves and buns were being packaged and rung up, my gaze drifted over to at table laden with pecan pies. I thought that I should get a dozen of those too,  Nah, thought I, I should get my bounty back to the Duck before someone ordered a hamburger that I had no bun for.

As it turned out we had bread for all the burgers, Portugals, Beef Guinness. It was all good.

But I did wish I had a slice of pecan pie……

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