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Out of Greenies

Sitting beside the bed staring at me yesterday morning in silent protest, Lincoln and Lola got their message across loud and clear. They had just eaten but had not gotten dessert (I was out of Greenies).

I pulled on my shoes, and they watched, tails wagging as I pulled out of the garage on the way to the doggie treat store. While on the way I remembered that the flapper was broken in the guest bath so I made a stop at Home Depot for said flapper. This would make one honey do completed.

At the doggie treat store I picked up the fancy “I have the best dogs in the world” dog food and some raspberry shampoo to make up for running out of Greenies.

Their tails were still wagging in anticipation (and I swear Linc and Lola were smiling) when I arrived back home and distributed the treats.

As they set about their romance with the treats, I set out to replace the flapper in the guest bath. I unpacked the child proof wrapper and attempted to replace it only to discover that “one size fits all” is not always true.

Linc and Lola barely glanced up from dessert as I headed back to Home Depot.

I picked up one of each of the flappers just to make sure that I had the right one, and headed back home to finish the project at hand.  After trying all the flappers, it is still not repaired.

Today I call the plumber.

Hope your day involved no flappers.

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