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I am vaccinated …

Saturday was a good day. Our appointments were at 12:30 but we were so anxious to get there that we left home an hour earlier than need be, just in case.

Turns out that was a very good thing because as we approached the turn onto Greenbriar we were faced with this line of traffic. What?? Is something big going down?

Why yes, it was COVID vaccination day.
As it turns out, everyone was a bit anxious because we all converged on Methodist at the same time.


But no worries! The folks at Methodist had it down.

Military precision. “Here is your yellow dot, put it on your shirt so we know that you are checked in.”

There were Methodist people directing us from the blue light in the parking garage, down the hall (keep your distance) through the first room, down the second hallway, (follow the lady with the yellow flag) into the room where they enter your name.

“Here is your green tag. Now we know that we have checked your birthdate and name. Now go get that shot!”  so off we went through the door, down the hall and into the room where our shots were waiting.



We entered the vaccination room at precisely 12:30, our appointed time.

We passed by the coolers that were keeping those Pfizer vaccines nice and cold (TWWNCNBUIP was especially happy to see the evidence that the vaccines were kept cold right up until the time they were used) and were directed

into our curtained cubicle where I rolled up my sleeve, closed my eyes and got my shot.

TWWNCNBUIP shed some tears (she cries when she’s happy) and then, after our shots, we were directed to the 15 minute wai

ting rooms for observation.

It was 12:39. Nine minutes for this life saving vaccination. We decided to spend our fifteen minute observation time in the lobby enjoying the violinist who was playing for the folks waiting in the lobby.

It’s been three days since our vaccinations and we feel just fine. Our arms didn’t even hurt.  We had heard that some folks have a really sore arm and that some folks have some symptoms, but we feel normal, well, I guess I should say, we feel just like we always feel. Good enough.

Thank you Houston Methodist for this beautifully run operation.
Thank you Pfizer
Thank you science. And thank the Lord. Feeling pretty grateful right now.

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