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A socially distanced outside concert ….

This is what an outside socially distanced concert at the Duck looks like…well, the first show anyway, before the rains came.  We had some Doppler radar people amongst us watching and waiting for that dreaded red yellow band to cross the Galleria and it did, about fifteen minutes before Hayes was take the stage for his second show of the evening.  And you know what happens when those red and yellow bands roll across your perfectly set up and socially distanced parking lot?

Well, I’ll tell you. Rain comes pouring out of the sky and all of your lovely masked patrons had to grab their upholstered chairs and head for the carport to wait out the ten minute deluge.  And then, it stopped raining.

Now, our Doppler radar watchers were convinced that a second band of drenching rain was making it’s way toward the Duck. What to do, what to do?

Well, using the Doppler as the decision maker it was decided that the second band of rain coming through would preclude the concert from happening, so Hayes came out to thank everyone for coming. Since the rain had reduced to a drizzle when he got out there, he asked if they would mind if he sang a few songs to say thanks to everyone for braving the weather to come and see him.  As it turned out the Doppler was off by several hours and the second deluge didn’t come so Hayes kept singing.

Those few songs turned into a full concert, with Hayes off the stage, standing in the middle of a socially distanced circle surrounded by his very damp but incredibly happy fans. Now that my friends was a once in a lifetime show.

Thanks to Hayes Carll and all of you who came out for both shows.
The dry one and the wet one.
What a beautiful night.
And now I need to head over to the Duck with my hairdryer to dry out all those fabric chairs that got drenched last night. Note to self: if we ever do this outside concert thing again maybe we should rent wooden chairs…not as cozy but a heck of lot less work.

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