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30 Years…licenses, permits and fees, oh my.

BarbaraWho knew you could become a frequent flyer and never leave the ground? Well apparently if you make enough trips to Home Depot and Ace Mart that can happen. (thanks Southwest!)

We also became “regulars” at City Hall fetching the all the permits and licenses that allowed us to hang our sign, use a a dumpster, serve food, sell beer and to burn real candles on the tables.
Why there was even a permit to allow dominos to be played.   (yes, really.)

Our permit/license file was so big we had to give it it’s own special drawer.
With all these licenses and permits being processed, we were soon visited by one sales rep after another offering all manner of exciting new products.

We were too busy hammering, staining, replacing lights and ceiling tiles to place any orders except for one thing … we did order a keg of Guinness.

After we put away the hammers and paintbrushes for the day we would practice pouring the perfect Guinness so we would be ready for you when we opened.

Sometimes the perfect pour would escape us because there was so much sawdust in the air that “beer clean” wasn’t really an option for our glasses.

But we kept practicing because we heard that’s the way you get to Carnegie Hall.

Wonder if we were the first pub that needed to place a reorder for Guinness before they were even open.

Oh, I almost forgot, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I thought it might be fun to hear from you about your most “romantic” moment at the Duck (keep it clean!) because we’ve heard so many stories about folks who met here, or had their first date here and now their little duck babies are in college or having babies of their own. We’d love to share your romantic Duck stories!
This Houston Chronicle story details the early years…check out that little chef in the back!

(more to come……)

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