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Open Mic

Mon, June 25 / 630 PM

No cover charge.

You’ll hear plenty of folk, country and acoustic renditions by performers that spent their afternoon in classes at Rice or a long day at the office. Not only does the pub feature an impressive array of live music almost every night, but the Mucky Duck has been listed by Billboard Magazine as one of the 20 best acoustic venues in the country. Each performer gets three songs or 15 minutes on stage. --

The Duck stage is open for you to present your original compositions or a favorite song made famous by someone else. 

Comedians, poets, jugglers and mimes also welcome. 

Don't be shy. Come on out ~ It's your turn to be a Mucky Duck Open Mic Star.

Each performer has 3 songs or 15 minutes for their performance. 

Showing tonight

Staehely Brothers with Evelyn Rubio

Tue, June 26 / 730 PM

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Members of the classic rock band, Spirit, The Staehely Brothers (Al and John) are hosting two very diverse shows on the same night for one ticket price. The first, at 7:30 PM,  a cool collection of Staehely written acoustic numbers- some recorded by Marty Balin, Keith Moon, Bobbie Gentry, John Cippolina, Nick Gravenites, Patti Dahlstrom, Peter Cox of Go West and up and coming blues sensation, Annika Chambers-  others recorded by Al and John when they left Austin in '71 to join the legendary West Coast group, Spirit.  

Also featured will be songs from the the Staehely Brothers Epic Records release, Al's solo recordings on Polygram and SteadyBoy Records, as well as new songs- some influenced by Al's travels to Brazil.  John's guitar work makes clear why Robert Palmer, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt and Jo Jo Gunne chose him as their guitar slinger.  Sitting in with the brothers is Evelyn Rubio, the beautiful and uniquely talented singer and sax player from Mexico City.  A cameo performance by Al's son, Christian, featuring his compositions, will offer a glimplse of more to come from the Staehely millinneal. 

At 9:00 PM Al and John will rock the Duck along with Texas Music Hall of Fame drummer, Freddie Steady Krc, and keyboardist Mike Robenbaum with an electric set including songs from their Spirit days like "Nature's Way", "I Got a Line on You" and "Cadillac Cowboys".  The Staehely Brothers are not only contemporary artists but they are also a part of America’s musical heritage.  Merging their Texas style with West Coast rock they took their music on the road headlining Carnegie Hall as Spirit members and touring the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. On November 1st, they bring it all back home to Houston.

Reservations are highly recommended for this two show, one ticket, one night special event. 

with special guest, Evelyn Rubio

Showing tonight

Game Night - Irish Session

Wed, June 27 / 730 PM

Board games are hot right now — whether it’s the new Euro-style games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, 7 Wonders or Power Grid, or you’re kickin’ it old school with traditional games like the Trumpesque, land-grabbing Monopoly. For a great midweek diversion, head on over to the Mucky Duck for a pint and a little tabletop competition; they’ve been at it for almost 25 years. We checked in with Stevie Hazlewood, day manager for McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, and she says the club stocks a nice selection of titles for the Wednesday night Game Night and Irish Session. 

“It runs the gamut from Connect Four, to Scrabble, Yahtzee, Risk, three different versions of Monopoly, Scattergories, Cards Against Humanity,” says Hazlewood. Play one of those games or bring your own, and scarf down pub snacks like fish and chips, Welsh rarebit and the club’s famous shepherd’s pie. 

Best of all, there’s no cover. 7:30 p.m. 

- Susie Tommaney - Houston Press

Showing tonight

Kathy & the Kilowatts

Thu, June 28 / 7 PM

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CD Release for Kathy's new recording - "Premonition of Love"

Kathy Murray is certainly no stranger to the blues, moving to Austin with her family in 1968. Before long she was an integral part of that thriving Blues scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and more.  

More than simply a fan, Murray became a part of that scene, soaking up the, traditions, history and lifestyle, learning directly from the legends.  She also absorbed the other sounds from the world around her, from the blues influenced country of Hank Williams to zydeco, soul, rockabilly and more.  

All of these influences are heard in Premonitions of Love, whether on the surface or in the steamy undertones.  Kathy Murray & the Kilowatts bring a lot to the table, and we, the fans reap the benefits.  A powerful songwriter, the language of the blues is second nature to Murray, whether in traditional blues or carried forward into today's world.  

Of the 13 tunes on the disc, only three are covers...Magic Sam's "What Have I Done Wrong?", "Black Nights" (written by F. Washington) recorded by Lowell Fulson and "Sugar Bee" (written by E. Schuler), a zydeco tune recorded by Cleveland Crochet, the Sir Douglas Quintet and more.  These were done with the utmost respect for the originals, while having the Kilowatt twist added.  

Murray brings a raw sex appeal and major heat, a factor that I am sure would be appreciated by all of the original artists.  The originals, songs of love, love gone bad and reconciliation, set to some incredible blues in varied styles.  This band is as good as bands get, with Kathy Murray on vocals, Bill "Monster" Jones on guitar, accordion, percussion and more, Benny Turner, Dylan Cavaliere & Jeff Botta on bass, Richard Ross & Nina Singh on drums, Floyd Domino & Matt Farrell on assorted keys, Dan Torosian on sax, Eric Johnson on trumpet and Kim Field on harmonica.  

One listen will make it clear why Kathy Murray's name is used in the same sentence as those of Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli and Lou Ann Barton in some parts of Texas to this day.  This is my idea of the natural progression of the blues.  This is a solid blues  from start to finish. - Bill Wilson. REFLECTIONS IN BLUE 

" ... These are songs that are meant for a worldwide audience, and deserve industry attention, both for radio airplay, and placement in television and film.  Not only is the guitar work dominant in these songs, but the horns, and Murray’s voice, lift these tunes to a new dimension, setting the bar to a very high level indeed.   Recommendation:  Don’t wait another moment – Get this one now and put it on repeat.  You’ll feel better just by listening." - INDIE VOICE

Showing tonight

Jenny Parrott

Thu, June 28 / 930 PM

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Kinky Friedman says her compositions are the “best songs i’ve heard since Christ was a cowboy.” 

Jenny has played maximum security prisons, a black panther reunion party, children’s shows, streets all over the world, and every basement from here to New York. she has opened for Jonathan Richman, Lake Street Dive, Wayne Hancock, Pokey Lafarge, and Delbert McClinton. 

Her solo debut album When I Come Down was released in August 2017 and made the top 10 list in the Austin Chronicle. 

Showing tonight

Michael Fracasso

Fri, June 29 / 7 PM

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Michael Fracasso is a genre-crossing artist incapable of repeating himself. His critically acclaimed work includes nine distinctive solo CDs, recorded duets with both Patty Griffin and Lucinda Williams, an epic reinterpretation of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero,” and memorable tributes to Woody Guthrie, Mickey Newbury and Townes Van Zandt. In 2011 he was short listed for the Austin Public Library Award for literary achievement.

Fracasso’s oft-celebrated songwriting has reached new heights on his latest collection, Here Come The Savages. Michael Fracasso has once again asserted himself as a miraculous American songwriter and truly exceptional singer, as well as a gifted interpreter of well-chosen covers. An authentic Texas musician born to Italian parents he spent years working the New York folk scene while mentored by the great Doc Pomus and has developed a grand aesthetic compass that is found in only a rare few.

Artist Spotlight: Michael Fracasso

June is bringing all the talented musical artists to our music venue in Houston! Here at McGonigel's Mucky Duck, the talented Michael Fracasso, will entertain our musically-minded crowds. We are thrilled to have his musical prowess on stage. His wide scoping, genre-crossing talent provides a unique blend of special flavor to Americana fans everywhere.

Here Comes The... Music!

Reminiscent of the Beatles with a vibe that is truly unique, Fracasso offers his extensive vocal experience and larger than life presence to please his fans with lyrics that evoke true emotion and soothe the soul. The talented stylings and creative songwriting of Michael Fracasso come together on his 2016 album called Here Come The Savages. A culmination of his story-telling talents, skilled vocal offerings, and personal musings are ever-present in his latest album. Fans everywhere love it!

Performing duets with the popular Patty Griffin and Lucinda Williams, Michael's notoriety spills into the New York folk scene. Groomed under his mentor Doc Pomus, this die-hard musician also performed with greats like Suzanne Vega, Steve Forbert, and other musical geniuses. Sharing a lingering wistfulness in his unique renderings, Fracasso has produced covers for singing phenomenon such as The Beach Boys, Woody Guthrie, and The Young Rascals. An Ohioan born good Ol boy, he's also been on stage with the amazing musicians Hal Ketchum, Charlie Sexton, and Lyle Lovett.

Combining Passions

Michael is renowned in the music industry as well as in the foodie world. With Italian parents and neighbors, Fracasso's cultural roots meld seamlessly with his musical style and lifestyle. As a talented chef specializing in Italian cuisine, his Italian ancestry is on display for all to see. He predominantly uses his writing to produce songs that any fan can relate to but is also known as a food author. Bringing flavor to his food and musical offerings, Michael is all about creating a multi-faceted experience. He crosses genres and cultures in both food and music! 

Make a Memory

Searching for concerts in Houston that feature timeless vocalists? Relax and enjoy stellar entertainment this June with musical renditions done by the multi-talented Michael Fracasso. If you like the storytelling vocals John Lennon brought to his fans, you'll love Michael! See for yourself why Mcgonigel's Mucky Duck continues to keep music lovers enthralled and engaged. Our food, atmosphere, and abundance of entertainment create special memories you can cherish for a lifetime!

Showing tonight

Giulia Millanta

Fri, June 29 / 930 PM

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with Gabriel Rhodes

CD Release!

“The best and scariest thing about Giulia Millanta is not just that she is truly a tightrope walker herself but that she continually pulls YOU out there with her… with melodies, singing, stories, imagery. No matter what language her lyrics may be in… and I’ve lost count of how many her lyrics use here… she’s always understandable because her music is, like any fine art, universally recognizable. I can’t wait for her next one!” - Dave Marsh

“Giulia’s words are refreshingly real, full of hip concepts and well turned phrases seated in interesting melodies. Listening to her songs for the first time is like finally finding that great book or being drawn into a movie where you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.”  -  Kimmie Rhodes


"First of all I'm a fan of Giulia's! She appears as a rocker with the voice of a songbird and songs with the insight and edge of a truly gifted artist." - Michael Fracasso

"She is a deeply evocative singer with a dash of Piaf, a sprinkle of Lady Day, a pinch of Norah Jones and a teaspoon of Madeleine Peroux." - Michael Greenblatt The Aquarian Weekly


"these songs come from the heart and the mind, what takes place is seen through the singers eyes, what is felt is what she feels, and oh she is curious, feisty, humorous, yet introspective." - Next Best Thing Music


Singer-songwriter, Giulia (Julia) Millanta, is a native-born Italian from Florence who now calls Austin, Texas home. A creative and prolific artist, she has released four albums touring regionally, nationally throughout the USA and internationally. An accomplished guitarist, Giulia also plays ukulele and sings in four languages. She has been described by critics as being “deeply evocative with a dash of Piaf, a sprinkle of Lady Day, a pinch of Norah Jones and a teaspoon of Medeleine Peroux.” She has been called smart, pensive and cool and credited with psychedelic grooveability whilst “baring her clairvoyant soul” to “deliver musical mojo.” 

Artist Spotlight: Giulia Millanta

If you are searching for concerts in Houston, Texas that provide a well-rounded experience, come to McGonigel's Mucky Duck in June. At our popular music venue, with the wide-ranging musical talents of Giulia Millanta, you will be in for a thrilling ride! With a background in music that spans the globe, if you love a distinctive vocalist with depth and character, you'll adore Giulia Millanta's musical gift!

Culture in Country

An Italian-born, multi-lingual vocalist, Giulia has traveled the seas to our shores to bring her unique perspective and talent to our ears. From pounding the pavement in New York to rocking fans in Texas, this determined and dedicated singer/songwriter takes folk music to a different level. Her flair for creative lyrics and entrancing sound have made her a popular choice for listeners in the music industry.

Consistent with her unique background in music, Giulia Millanta's albums Giulia and the Dizziness, The Funambulist, Moonbeam Parade, and her new single Blinded by the Sun are captivating storytelling offerings of her one-of-a-kind experiences. Her dynamic interpretation of life and its many ups and downs has brought other talented country music greats to her side. Her album Moonbeam Parade further propelled her musical career in 2016 as she successfully toured Europe and the U.S.

Dynamic and Daring

How can a gal with no hint of a Texas accent inspire fans worldwide? Simple--with a voice and style like hers, Giulia's sound transcends every genre. Not only has she dueted with Michael Fracasso, a music legend that brings Americana-style music to the masses, but she's also got famous locals who believe in her sound. Charlie Sexton, George Reiff, and Gabe and Kimmie Rhodes have all played a hand in promoting her talent for all to see. Millanta excels at keeping edgy, thoughtful, and quirky at the forefront of her voice and stage presence.

Cross the Globe With Us

Are you in the mood for hypnotic sound and skillful picking? Visit us at McGonigel's Mucky Duck. Our venue in Houston offers incredible music and memories to last a lifetime. We'd love nothing more than to share the unique and experienced tone of Giulia Millanta's voice with our guests! Her rich notes and cultured sound resonates with music lovers from every background.