Thursday, September 19
7:00 pm
Loreta Kovacic – Early Show
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About the event

Loreta Kovacic is a transplant Houstonian with a lifetime of experience as a pianist and a singer-songwriter. Being a multicultural musician and choosing a diverse mix of songs from a wide range of styles, she charms her audiences of all ages.  Her 9th album, “The Texas Slav” was released in 2023.   Her original music reflects both her International as well as Houston experience, in songs like “Houston”, “Galveston”, “Fa fa familia”, etc.  Even astronauts from NASA enjoyed listening to her music on the International Space Station while in orbit.  Loreta (Dr. K) holds a Doctorate Degree in Music from Rice University.

Loreta Kovacic, also known as “the Texas Slav” and “Dr. K” is a musician who knows how to transform herself and live a charmed musical life.  A bad case of tendonitis halted her classical piano career, but at the same time, it shaped her into the artist that she is today. She loves performing with her band, “the Texas Slavs” which includes Joe Parani on theremin, Jeff Vyner on drums, Bryan McVicker on bass and Robert Sutton on guitar.

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