Tuesday, April 23
7:00 pm
Rodney Crowell and Sam Baker: One Night of Song and Spoken Word
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About the event

Sam Baker, the maestro of melodies, knows a thing or two about resilience. His life took a thriller-esque twist in 1986 when he survived a train bombing on his way to Machu Picchu. His recovery process was no walk in the park, but it did give him a new beat to dance to in his music career. Each chord he strikes now is a testament to his grit and truth. From Europe to Canada and the US, his concerts sell out faster than hot cakes. His storytelling prowess has even caught the attention of Rolling Stone and Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. And he doesn’t just stick to the stage – his music has echoed in art galleries, theaters and even songwriting retreats.

On the other hand, Rodney Crowell, the maestro among maestros, is a multi-Grammy Award winner from Texas. His music has graced the top of the charts fifteen times, and his songs have been performed by everyone from Johnny Cash to Keith Urban. He’s been in the music biz for over four decades, weaving a tapestry of Americana music and penning tunes for a plethora of artists, proving that his pen is as mighty as his guitar.

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