Note from my diary ,,,

Note from my diary…  or journal if that sounds better ….Looking back – April, 2007

Wide awake and gruntled at TCON Sunday, I set out to make use of the day and put some chores behind me. I pushed the topless car and the multi-purpose vehicle out of the garage, made use of the mpv and locked the dogs inside to keep them out of my hair (just a figure of speech), hooked up the water hose, grabbed a multi-purpose bucket, a box of Cold Water Tide and set out to wash off the yellow stuff that has been falling off the trees and onto said vehicles.

As  Ruby and Murphy watched me curiously with their wet noses pressed against the window of the mpv (creating another another chore for later), I reflected on the job at hand and decided that the job would be made easier with a beer to sip on while I worked.

I worked my way back through the garage and stepped over the boxes, ceiling tiles, Christmas decorations, 16 years of used register tape (note to self – call IRS and find out how long one has to save old register tape), and cans of spare “touch-up” paint.

While sipping on my beer, I noted that I probably should organize these things as soon as I finished with the cars. (and the beer).

When I opened the Frigidaire looking for beer, I saw two slices of cold pizza and thought that pizza would go well with the bottle of Old Foghorn. I pulled them out and when I opened the microwave, I found the pair of socks that I had somehow lost yesterday morning.

As the microwave was warming the pizza, I remembered that I had not fed the good and evil dogs, and after checking the pantry remembered that I had forgotten to buy dog food yesterday. I took a sip of Old Foghorn, let the dogs out of the multi-purpose vehicle and gave them the pizza. I felt myself losing some of my gruntle.

As I was starting back out to the driveway, the phone rang. Turned out to be Gary with an invitation for lunch at Mama Ninfa’s.

Those chores will still be here next week, but tortilla soup is here today.

Fast forward – April 2020
It’s been thirteen years since the journal entry above was written and guess what…not much has changed. Well, I can’t believe I just said that!  Everything has changed, hasn’t it? Nothing is “normal” right now.  What I should have said is that my meandering mind hasn’t changed. Wow. That’s not really right either, is it?  My meandering mind now meanders like Colombo asks questions.
See what I mean?

Back to the subject at hand. These are the days of COVID so we find that we are celebrating Mother’s Day differently this year. No champagne brunches with the whole family at favorite restaurants. Nope.  We are staying home.

It’s Eggos and scrambled eggs for two. A phone call from Memphis made the day for TMWNCBUIP.  After that, the rest of the day was her’s to spend however she wanted.  How she wanted was for me to clean out the car so we could load up the puppies and drive to the park for a nice walk.

Being the great sport that I am, I went out to do just that. I noticed the pollen was all over the car so I decided to give it a wash.  The bucket was handy but the rags were not.   I went into the laundry room looking for a rag to wash the car and noticed the shirts were ironed so I grabbed them to take back to the closet on my way to do something else that I can’t recall right now.

Anyway, once I got to the closet I noticed the Goodwill bag that was half filled and remembered that it was up to me to finish filling it with the jeans and shirts that I don’t wear any longer. That reminded me. Jeans. Yes, my new Levi’s had arrived yesterday and I forgot to un-package them and put them in the wash.

Better do that now before we leave for the park, I think. I get to the laundry room to put the jeans in the wash and see the rag. Oh yeah, the car. I was going to wash the car.  So I did. And then we drove to the park. And we walked with the dogs. And it was a perfect Sunday, even if I did forget a few things along the way.

uce with a small Caesar salad and garlic toast? Better hurry, I’m getting hungry…


WEDNESDAY SPECIALI don’t know about the Provencal street-cred of the French dip sandwich or the seasoned French fries that come with it, but I do know that the horseradish cheddar melted on top puts it in my top 11 favorite sandwiches of all time. And I have 61 favorite sandwiches, so yeah, it’s pretty great.


THURSDAY SPECIALThere’s nothin’ that says ‘dang man’ quite like this chicken fried steak. With the mashed potatoes, gravy, and Mexican street corn you’ll be joining our chorus, I tell you what.


FRIDAY SPECIALNew Orleans style Shrimp Po-Boy. Crispy cajun fried shrimp piled on a french baguette and topped with creamy remoulade sauce with seasoned fries and honey you know you got a dill pickle spear too.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to Feed the Frontline this week!
We wanted to share with you the pictures sent to us from the crew of TCH’s Transplant Unit. Word was, they loved it!
Thanks to every single one of you for making this possible.
We will always remember your generosity and your kindness.
Please share this link with your friends who may want to join us in showing our appreciation for Houston’s frontline workers. 
Feed the Frontline
Meet the welcoming party at Houston Methodist COVID-19 Unit & Cardiac Imaging!
Thanks to your generosity we were able to make lunch for the nurses at Texas Children’s Hospital Transplant Unit Friday. We heard back…they loved it!
Friday we had the pleasure of meeting the staff from the ER and Labor and Delivery at Women’s Hospital.
Thanks to all of you for continuing to buy lunches for the frontline!
It is a joy and honor to prepare and deliver meals for Houston’s first responders.
If you would like to participate please click our feed-the-frontline button to buy lunch.
We will do the cooking, the cleaning and the delivering.
Thank you all.
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