Tuesday, May 16
7:00 pm
Rod Picott – Early Show
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Rod Picott Show in Houston, TX

bit.ly/DuckYouTubeChannel“Rod Picott is one of our too-little-known songwriting treasures. Like Hemingway, he peers into the jangly tentativeness of the relationships between men and women. Like Harry Crews, he captures the spectral gothic shadows that haunt rural settings. Like Townes Van Zandt, Picott tells riveting tales about memorable characters — the moonshiner, Sonny Liston, his daddy — that plumb the misery and the fleeting moments of hope that mark the human condition.”
Henry Carrigan, No Depression

“A truly brilliant example of skill and savvy,” Lee Zimmerman, The Alternate Root 

“Picott has loyal fans behind him, loyal from hearing decades of his sincere, classy songwriting. But I would like to announce to them all that this album is not “just another Rod Picott album.” Yes it has the same depth of talented songwriting you’ve come to expect, yes it still taps into the core of human angst, and yes it is full of grizzled and raw characters.”
Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways 

“Picott says he thinks this might be the best album he’s made. I think he may be right.” Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK 

“Picott was always a master musician and lyricist – and this album is really special – chock full of fantastic songs that will linger in the listeners mind for ages after first listening. Simply masterful.”  Paul Russell, Americana UK 

“Picott’s albums are like that aged bottle of wine or whiskey you hoard for special occasions to be shared only with your significant other or maybe just alone. You marvel at his storytelling and dive in intensely as if it’s just he and you in that one room.  His songs are just too good to share with casual listeners who don’t appreciate great writing.”  Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine 

“A collection of honest stories about injustices and resilience, and persevering despite adversity. Throughout the album, Rod Picott’s voice is soulful but cracked, as if he’s keeping a tight rein on his own emotions to ensure that his devastating lyrics hit their target: your heart, mind and soul.”  Alan Cackett

“In creating an album with so much honesty and emotional perception on a personal level, Rod Picott has tapped into the seam of the universal. Musically, it’s been perfectly crafted – stand up and take a bow Neilson Hubbard – around the timbre of Rod’s vocals and it’s drawn some wonderful vocal performances that ally the medium and the message. I love it when artistically, everything falls into place for an artist – and that’s true of Rod Picott’s.”  Nick Barber, The Rocking Magpie 

“Rod Picott doesn’t leave anything to chance. His songs are expertly crafted, living creations filled with marks of the human condition. He continually impresses, constantly grows within his art. Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows reveals an inability to rest on well-earned laurels.” Donald Teplyske, Fervor Coulee 

“The production is perfectly aligned with the stark delivery so the songs stand like beacons unadorned…Picott is an exceptional songwriter and life observer.”  Rob Dickens, Listening Through The Lens 

“The ace story teller brings things to their basics, delivers his sharpest writing yet and totally knocks you over. Singer/songwriter material at the top of it’s game.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record 

“On ‘Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows’ he has delivered a beautiful and haunting record featuring vivid characters, social situations and personal stories.” Gerry McNally, Folk and Tumble

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