Saturday, December 12
9:30 pm
Pecos Hank and Jo Bird – also live-streamed on Youtube 930pm
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About the event

“Hank Schyma lives and breathes the art of creation.” Split personality toggling between nature loving documentarian and traveling musician, he is an aficionado of lonely highways, western fringe, tropical jungles and New Orleans Voodoo… A wild man who’s true tales of wrestling tornadoes, wrangling rattlesnakes and riding waves are indeed on par with the larger than life folklore cowboy “Pecos Bill”!

Pecos Hank’s music embodies the dark side of the roots. Moody Tex-Mex tunes, blues guitar, vintage surf tones and rockabilly riffs tango with haunting storm footage and captivating wildlife.

Hank’s storm footage currently airs worldwide in productions from BBC Earth, National Geographic, The Weather Channel and many more. You can also see Hank’s lightning captures in motion pictures “The Last Witch Hunter” and Netflix original “TAU.”
The “Pecos Hank” youtube channel features an educational and cinematic delivery of severe weather as well as frequent encounters with the wild animals and interesting people he meets while living on the road day to day.
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