Thursday, March 11
7:00 pm

About the event

A serendipitous lady led super group in Austin, TEXAS. PAACK is made up of Paige DeChausse, Andrea Magee, Violet Lea, Cari Hutson, and Kelly Green. Each woman leads her own respective band, but PAACK is serious sisterhood in song and spirit.
A lady love project forged through new and old friendships, formed over a kitchen table and a couple of bottles of wine. PAACK began as nothing more than an excuse for a couple of girls to get together, howl, drink wine and sing some songs.
After an improvised gig one Monday night at C-Boys Heart & Soul, the PAACK found themselves swapping songs and stories. They returned the following week and the room began to fill. They were soon offered the Monday night residency and began featuring other Austin Women as special guests, embracing sisterhood in song with the philosophy “there is always more room at the table.”
Each woman fronts her own musical project, PAACK – Paige DeChausse of The Reverent Few, Andrea Magee of Beat Root Revival & Andrea Magee Band, Violet Lea of Madam Radar, Cari Hutson of Cari Hutson & Kelly Green of Madam Radar. On Monday nights you can find them sitting side by side, in a psuedo song swap of originals and a few covers here and there, girl crushing, cursing, and talking about what it’s like to be a woman in music these days.
The PAACK also includes a rotating cast of characters supporting them each week. Dave Scher, Hunter St. Marie and Nick James rotate guitar slinging. Michael Davila, Katie Marie and special guests can be seen holding it down on drums.
In just the last few months the PAACK has been featured guests on Austin’s Wonder Women Series, Comedians Interviewing Musicians, a live taping for Austin City JAMS and are currently writing and recording their first collective record.
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