Tuesday, July 25
7:00 pm
Natalie Price – Ben Jones – Ashley Monical
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About the event

Intoxicatingly authentic and wholly original – you’ll never forget the first time you stepped into Natalie Price’s world.

Described by Trey Gutierrez (Texas Music Magazine) as “one of Austin’s most dynamic new singer-songwriters,” this artist’s ethereal, one-of-a-kind sound refuses to fall neatly into one category. Just as comfortable dabbling in Americana or folk as she is indie-pop, Price’s music is perhaps best encapsulated by its deep-seated humanity.

Each of her songs takes you on a journey, they capture not one emotion, but many — reflecting what the listener needs to feel.

Jones arrived in Austin in 2014. The city “exceeded his expectations.”

He said, it’s this “unbreakable community” he’s bonded with. Even with the two Threadgill’s leaving, and constant landscape changes, there’s a home where he feels rooted.

The then, band without a name, circled through Austin meeting a taxi driver who would randomly change their lives forever.  William, an “eccentric man,” took them under his wing.

“As an English person, I am wary of strangers. He paid the check for our food, exposed us to Austin and essential music venues. We were hungry, and this opened up a lot of doors for us.”

Miles away from Sheppey island, Austin is his home for the long-haul. “You can’t break this community. They stick together. They don’t stop supporting the people (artists) who want to stay.”

The unnamed band became the Beat Root Revival with Andrea Magee.

Jones feels that whether working with his band or producing solo work, the stories within his lyrics evolve over time.

Ashley’s beautiful, smooth and warm sultry vocals are breathtaking. This girl has really got some pipes, which took her to Hollywood in the 10th season of American Idol. Some compare her to the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, Jewel & Sheryl Crow with a hint of Janis’ raspy quality. Having lived and traveled internationally growing up, Ashley Monical moved from Colorado back to her (Austin) Texas roots in 2006 with her guitar strapped to her back and a yearning in her heart to make music.

Embraced by the “Live Music Capital of the World” she was inspired to write songs that carry the soulful vocals that have wanted to speak her truth since she was a little girl. Ashley has traveled extensively to share her music and is internationally known for her talent.

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