Thursday, September 07
7:00 pm
Mary Bragg – Early Show
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About the event“Country music taught us long ago that at some point, anyone with a heart will fall to pieces. On her fifth album, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mary Bragg explores the little cracks that lead to that undone state, and compassionately argues that it’s possible to reassemble yourself. Her clear, warm alto, reminiscent of Patsy Cline, was made for confidences, and these gorgeously crafted and executed songs touch the listener on a deep level, where insight occurs.” -Ann Powers (NPR Music, 10 Best Albums of March 2019)

“Standout songwriter Bragg spins threads from years of experiences into a magnificent form of Southern storytelling. These new tracks are deeply personal, but not in a diaristic sense.
They are refined and draw from a stockpile of understanding that took years to accumulate.”
-Nashville Scene

“The opener, “I Thought You Were Somebody Else,” is pure classic country — both in arrangement and execution. With subtle yet effective weeping pedal steel from Rich Hinman, Bragg’s expressive singing here evokes an intriguing cross between Tift Merritt and prime Juice Newton, but the arrangement is straight-up last call at the bar, where tears of regret get swept up in the smoky haze of confusion and betrayal. It’s a stunner.” -No Depression

“Both songs depict scenarios in which the characters lay themselves bare, revealing pain even as they open themselves up for more. It’s a thread that continues through all of Violets as Camouflauge, which Bragg self-produced in her own studio, whether through the Nashville Sound-influenced “I Thought You Were Somebody Else” and its reckoning with deception or the gentle chamber-pop accents of “Fixed” and its reassurances against self-doubt.”
-Rolling Stone Country

“Bragg’s wistful country energy radiates throughout Violets As Camouflage. Her twang extenuates the singular steely guitar in “Faint of Heart”. The jaunty instrumentation underscoring Bragg’s rich vocals in “Trouble Me Anytime” draw similarities to Patsy Cline.”

“Bragg has raised the bar, seemingly a daunting task after her stunningly strong previous album.
Yet, this is stronger. It’s one huge adult dose.” -Glide Magazine\

“Ace songwriter Mary Bragg credits fans’ and critics’ enthusiastic response to her 2017 LP Lucky Strike with inspiring her to rely on her instincts.” -Nashville Scene

“Splendid… Bragg’s true stories that deal with imperfection in the real world are here to stay.” -PopMatters

“Violets’ 14 tracks are among the most intensely personal Bragg has ever written.” -Billboard

“Like the long-lost ballad Patsy Cline never got to croon, “I Thought You Were Somebody Else” mixes classic country twang with broken-hearted sentiment and light touches of pedal steel.” -Rolling Stone Country

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