Friday, June 12
9:30 pm
John Evans
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About the event

As many of you may of heard, we are in the midst of a pandemic and we are navigating uncharted territory.  In the interest of public safety we are following the guidelines set by the State of Texas,  the City of Houston Health Department, the National Restaurant Association, and the experts at the Texas Medical Center.
Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19 we will continue to follow these guidelines to keep you and our crew as safe as possible.
We are sending this to you as a loving reminder that each and every one of you are important to us and we are committed to following the guidelines that were developed to help protect you.
There are so many, I hope you will forgive me for listing them in this “matter of fact” way, instead of my usually rambling storytelling.
So here goes:
1. We will all be wearing masks.
2. Our guests will be required to wear masks until they are seated at their table and whenever they get up to leave the table.
3.     We will take everyone’s temperature with a contactless thermometer.  Anyone who has higher than 100.1 will not be allowed entrance.
4. We must maintain a six foot distance for guests waiting to enter the building and a six foot distance when waiting to use the restroom.
5. We will have table seating only.
6. There can be no standing or ordering from the bar. We will offer table service only.
7. If our guests wish to visit with others not seated at their table, our patio is the perfect spot to hang out.  We cannot “congregate or gather” around a table inside.
8. There can be only one person at a time in the restroom.
9. Our front door is now the exit. Our backdoor is now the entrance. There is hand sanitizer available for you to use at both places.
10.   Every table and everything that was on the table will be sanitized between each use.

Standing at six-foot-five, adorned in polyester, with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes, Texas-born musician John Evans is hard to miss when he takes the stage. 

As a performer, if Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello were to have a love child, John Evans might just be it. But it is also his songwriting that has built his legacy over the past 20 years as a troubadour in the great state of Texas.

Music runs deep in this man’s blood, and with just a tiny bit of whiskey to make it flow even better, Evans is embarking on a new album and a new chapter that will go down easy, with or without a shot.

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