Friday, August 16
7:00 pm
George Ducas – Early Show
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About the event

It isn’t often when a country singer has the rock-solid guts of Dust Bowl reveries, the jacked-up locomotion of the early Bakersfield country sound and the more modern-minted energy of Los Angeles’ honky-tonk hijinks all rolled into one righteous attack. But that’s George Ducas’ soul to share. On his new album, LONG WAY FROM HOME, there is a distinct feeling of a new history being born. Maybe that’s because Ducas is able to seamlessly connect all those elements with such a natural flair that it can be a bit overwhelming when the sound is flying at full-tilt.

On his previous albums it was obvious that something serious has always been happening with the man’s music. It could be felt in the rhythms the songs featured, in the lyrics of someone who takes songwriting seriously, and maybe most of all in the voice of an all-time great country music singer. Ducas has had multiple Billboard chart hits of his own, including the breakout Top 10 “Lipstick Promises”, and has even written hit records for all-timers like George Jones, Garth Brooks, The (“Dixie”) Chicks, and Trisha Yearwood and been nominated for a Grammy Award, but he’s never made an album like LONG WAY FROM HOME. Now, teaming with Platinum producer/guitar player Pete Anderson, it is as if everything has coalesced into an undeniable force which happens once or twice a decade in country music. George Ducas is now that person moving the sound forward while always respecting what has come before him. His life and his vision have come together to create a new achievement bound to cross new borders, and so out of Los Angeles, California, the journey begins with LONG WAY FROM HOME.


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