Tuesday, March 07
7:00 pm
Alex Coba – Eddie Esler – Gabe Wootton
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About the event

Alex is proof that an ambitious path paired with strong roots is the exact recipe for a poignant songwriter to emerge with imaginings as boundless as the musical landscape he was raised in. The Rio Grande Valley native based in Houston, TX is a songwriter who creatively crafts moving songs and captivating stories driven by heart and soulful vocals.


Eddie Esler is a singer/songwriter  based out of Fort Worth, Tx.  He began playing mandolin in Bluegrass bands in the hills of Colorado while attending college in Denver.  He then moved back home to Amarillo, Tx, to help form an Americana group called Turbine Toolshed. In 2014 Eddie and The Eat began, an Americana/Texas Rock band that toured extensively through Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Most of his songs are personal stories, while others are tall tales and flat out lies about the people he grew up around in the Texas Panhandle. Nonetheless, he intends to put on a high energy show, with peaks and valleys, that take the listeners on a ride throughout the stories in his songs.

Gabe doesn’t have as many songs about trains as he thought he would at this point. But, he does have a new record out on Old Quarter Records. It’s a live recording from the historic Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe on Galveston Island. It is a complete snapshot of a Gabe Wootton show.

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