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Thu - Jan 17, 2019

Also available tonight
Accidentals - 7 PM 28
Also available tonight
Lucas Jack - 930 PM 77
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“Displaying a genre-hopping range of influence and some smart songwriting skills to go with their abundant musical chops.” - SXSW: 7 Breakout Acts - Billboard Magazine


“Musically, their songs sift together folk, bluegrass, alt-rock, and even classical music.” 10 Artists to Watch in 2017 -Yahoo Music


“Already known for their high-energy live show and willingness to connect with fans through personal tunes, and an intriguing back story, The Accidentals are going places.” The Accidentals Have Arrived: The Tireless Trio Behind the Wheel of Good Fortune, Huffington Post


“Spanning SXSW showcases, sold-out shows at renowned theaters, and performances with the likes of respected veterans of the biz like Andrew Bird, the Wailers, and even Joan Baez, there’s no doubting that the precocious Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause are scaling great heights as they continue to quickly charm audiences throughout the States.” 20 Questions: The Accidentals - PopMatters

Artist Spotlight

The month of June will soon see genre-spanning musical talent visit the great state of Texas! On June 2nd, at McGonigel's Mucky Duck music venue in Houston, we are ecstatic to welcome Michigan natives and Yahoo's Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2017, The Accidentals, to our stage. This star-studded band continues to produce new unique sounds with words that embrace, implore, and earth-shake. With intrepid songs that knock country, rock and all-music lovers off their feet, The Accidentals fame is no accidental happening. Of all the concerts in Houston, this is the one to save-the-date for! 

Their Journey

Since their successful indie albums launched in 2012 and 2013, The Accidentals have been rocking shows and delighting audiences with funky music and selective nods to that age-defying country feel. Folk tunes tangle throughout their first single "Tangled Red and Blue." Odyssey, their most recent hit album, illustrates their band's culmination and personal journey. 

The Accidentals don't shy away from any challenge or genre. Bluegrass, jazz, rock, classical, alternative, and folk are all combined and blended by virtuoso multi-instrumental playing band members. From quirky kazoos to rich toned cellos, orchestra elites Larson, Buist, and Dause keep breaking boundaries with skillful strums, plucks or "accidental" (out-of-the-box note choice) notes. 

Band members Katie Larson, Savannah Buist, and Michael Dause have shared the same air and stage with the likes of songwriting greats Martin Sexton and Joan Baez. Just a few years out of high school heartaches, the twenty-something trio has gained the recognition of Sony Masterworks. Andrew Bird, Brandi Carlile, and the Wailers all have been notable stage-buddies to The Accidentals performances. 

Like old pros, lyrical prowess, and a seamless mesh of instrumentals with unique artistic choices are weaved into their mainstream-pleasing make-up. Lighthearted wordplay, and stirring in-depth nods to the darker side of life for The Accidental's generation, entrance die-hard Americana fans. The gritty, the grind, and the gleeful in life are all represented through their word and tunes. Fans rave over the variety of flavors that every musician in the group brings to their unique musical merry-go-round. 

Come visit us at McGonigel's Mucky Duck and experience the musical talents of Larson, Dause, and Buist live on June 2nd! Hear skilled cello player Larson pluck at your heartstrings. Watch the velvety tones of violinist Buist soften adept drummer Dause's rolling drum beat while you indulge in our delicious menu and feet-stomping, hand-clapping ambiance. Discover how The Accidentals bring music lovers of all genres together in unbridled harmony!


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