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Mulligan Brothers

Thu - Feb 1, 2018

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Travis Linville - 7 PM 79
Also available tonight
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The Mulligan Brothers is an Americana Folk-Rock band from Mobile, Alabama. In golfers’ terms, a “mulligan” is a second chance, and the band represents a second chance for each member of The Mulligan Brothers. Veterans of other bands, this is where they found the music they always wanted to play. 


The songwriting and warm, honest, straight-to-the heart voice of lead singer of Ross Newell draws listeners into the group’s signature sound, where the harmonies of Greg DeLuca, Ben Leininger and Melody Duncan make the songs soar or haunt from the shadows. De Luca plays drums and Leininger is on the bass. Fiddler Melody Duncan recently joined the band, bringing a female voice and perspective.

The group’s latest single, “Divine Design,” is about being taken advantage of by the person you love. “The offender doesn’t see it as hurting someone else, but as helping himself or herself,” says Newell. “It is a terrible feeling and I want the song to create an awareness of what it is like to be treated that way, whether it is intentional or not. I want the listener to think if this is a song about them or the people around them. If this is divine design, then divine design is behind the times.”

I feel like a suit of second-hand armor. It can protect you but may never wear a shine. Every time you see me you know I’ll be there when you need me, never thinking of the dead man left inside. Pay no mind to the dead man left inside. - “Divine Design”

“Writing songs is one of my favorite things, but I take a while to write a song,” says Newell. “If a line seems forced or anything but honest, then I have to scrap it. I have to live through something or feel strongly about it to add authentic details. I have to sing these songs hundreds of times a year and it is important to me to identify with that song every time. Fortunately the songs take on a life of their own and people are willing to listen and read more into the lyrics that what was said.”

“We have to make music that stays true to ourselves.”

The Mulligan Brothers have released two albums, The Mulligan Brothers and Via Portland (recorded in Portland with Grammy-winning producer Steve Berlin) and will soon release a Live from The Netherlands album, recorded during the recent tour that included shows at the famed Paradiso in Amsterdam and a spot on The Ramblin’ Roots Festival in Utrecht. They currently have over two million plays on Spotify, including over 1 million of the song Lay Here.

 The band kicks of 2017 with a return to the prestigious 30A Songwriter Festival in Florida ,an appearance on Music City Roots Nashville, and are excited to return to Ireland for January-February tour dates followed by a spot on Cayamo A journey Through Song  a 7 day Roots Music Cruise in the company of such artists as Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell and Steve Earle.

Artist Spotlight on The Mulligan Brothers

Having started their merry band in Mobile, Alabama, this Americana Folk Rock group has really made a name for themselves, traveling the US and Europe to share their great tunes. Even though they got their start in Alabama, all coming from experimenting with different bands, they have now added the Paradiso in Amsterdam and The Rambiln’ Roots Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands to their list of notable performances. It comes as a surprise to most that they have only been playing together for two years. As a matter of fact, they chose their band name because the word, “mulligan,” means “do-over” in a game of golf. We at McGonigel's Mucky Duck are all especially glad we get to be a part of the band's "do-over" pass together. 

Ross Newell heads the band as lead singer and songwriter, while Greg DeLuca plays the drums, Ben Leininger keeps the tempo flowing on the bass, and Melody Duncan adds the fiddle. They all bring their voices together to create an amazing harmony that really brings Ross’s warm and welcoming vocals to life. Predominantly giving off an acoustic, folky sound, their style resembles an old-timey style combined with a modern quality that is uniquely their own. The group has released three albums, with the most recent one consisting of a live recording in the Netherlands: 

• The Mulligan Brothers (2013)
• Via Portland (2014)
• The Mulligan Brothers Live from the Netherlands (Deluxe Edition) (2017)

If you haven’t already added them to your favorites on Spotify, you should! They have over four million plays on the app, including over two million for the hit song “Lay Here,” a beautiful track that kicks off with Ross alone on his guitar, followed by a powerful build up as Melody’s fiddle and Greg’s drums join in the catchy love song. The Mulligan Brother’s Latest single is titled “Divine Design” and it features heartfelt lyrics about the struggle of being taken advantage of by someone you love. 


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