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Dirty River Boys

Fri - Oct 11, 2019

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Warren Hood - 7 PM 31
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Dirty River Boys - 930 PM 31
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It happened during an ordinary refueling stop for the Dirty River Boys, the band on its way from Austin to Tulsa to kick off a six-date run. The van pulled up at a gas station and its occupants scattered, with Colton James hopping on his skateboard and heading over to a grocery store for a rotisserie chicken.

But the board hit an oil patch and went flying, and the bassist found himself not just down, but possibly out. “I see him at the van and he’s got a bone about to pop out of his shoulder, and our tour manager is on the phone,” recalls drummer Travis Stearns.

So the band retreated to Austin, where an ER doc told James he had a shattered collarbone and would need surgery. In the meantime, they outfitted him with a sling. For a moment the band contemplated scratching its upcoming six-date run, because for a stand-up bassist, a collarbone tends to be necessary equipment. “Every time I lifted my arms to play the bass I could just feel the bones crunching on each other,” he says.

But he didn’t want to force his bandmates to cancel shows. Why don’t I play the electric bass instead, he wondered, while sitting in a chair? Wouldn’t that work? The band agreed, and they were off again. “That was a long bumpy drive with a broken collarbone,” James wryly recalls. “Didn’t even stop to get any medication on the way—that was a bad idea.”

But that’s the Dirty River Boys ethos. Playing upwards of 200 dates a year, giving heartfelt, unrestrained performances, and winning over a loyal audience show-by-show, it takes a lot more than a few broken bones to stop them.

Artist Spotlight

Grab a seat and hold on, the Dirty River Boys are performing at our McGonigel's Mucky Duck music venue in Houston, Texas! With Texan larger-than-life flare, Dirty River Boys use stellar acoustics, more than hum-drum drum beats, honky-tonk vibes, rowdy rock sounds, and song lyrics that bring audiences full-circle. June 16th at the Mucky Duck promises to be a knee-slapping good old time with the boys! 

Growling and Shredding

These good ol' boys took country music by storm in 2012. Their Science of Flight full-length album continues to ricochet through the country and rock music world to this day. Displaying piercing vocals that cut through all the background noise, the Dirty River Boys have worn many different music genre "hats" all while remaining true to their ten-gallon El Paso Roots. The band notes their appreciation for highways, deserts, stages, dance halls, and mosh pits. These diverse influences amalgamate to color and create a refreshing spin on the country music mecca. 

Listening to the stirring growls and rasp of talented vocalists with lived-in voices paired with unique instrumental choices inspires fans to sing along. The Dirty River Boys have involving the audience down to an art form, and McGonigel's can't wait until their vocal talents give our concert-goers something to sing about! Our concerts in Houston are the go-to hot spot for music enthusiasts everywhere because of skilled musicians and entertainers like the Dirty River Boys. 

Playing the Circuit

The Dirty River Boys album released in 2014 mingle artistically adept lyrics with a hometown feel that keeps audiences wanting more. Their heartwarming Texas twang and rock/raucous edginess slices through traditional country compilations. From barnyard to buoyant, that dirty river sound sings sweetly to folk, rock, punk, and country purveyors everywhere. Audiences never know what to expect, and that's what makes their well-rounded music offerings so engaging!

Band members Nino Cooper, Colton James, Marco Gutierrez, and Chris Hauslwe cycle their musical skills throughout their performances. Who will be singing next? Who knows? That's part of the intrigue. What instruments will they play? The band members have a lot to choose from. They've been known to expertly wield mandolins, harmonicas, guitars, bass, banjos, violins, and drums alike! Their haphazard and unexpected stage choices keep fans attentive and involved. Dirty River Boys live shows are a winning combo of fun, frolic, 

and Americana!

Come on down to McGonigel's Mucky Duck on October 11 for a full menu of delicious food and a night of unforgettable music with us and the Dirty River Boys! 


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