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Showing tonight

Open Mic

Mon, September 23 / 630 PM

No cover charge.

The Duck stage is open for you to present your original compositions or a favorite song made famous by someone else.

Comedians, poets, jugglers and mimes also welcome.

Each performer has 3 songs or 15 minutes for their performance. 

Showing tonight

Lost Austin Band

Tue, September 24 / 730 PM

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Cosmic Austin: that edgy intersection where the best of the Texas songwriters meets Folk-Rock & Roll. And who was there for a lot of it, who helped make that music and who continues that tradition with their own songs and the iconic tunes of that time?

The Lost Austin Band, that's who!

If you've heard the music of Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey, Rusty Wier, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Willis Alan Ramsey, B.W. Stevenson, the Lost Gonzo Band and other song-oriented Texas artists, then you've heard the music of The Lost Austin Band.

Today’s Americana and Texas country artists owe a debt of gratitude to the stalwarts of what the media of the day called “Progressive Country.” All members of the Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame, Bob Livingston, Bill Browder, Dave Moerbe, Patterson Barrett, Ernie Gammage, and Craig D. Hillis return to their musical roots as The Lost Austin Band with the songs and stories that created this special time in Texas’s musical history. It’s quite a trip!

Showing tonight

Monkey Shoulder

Wed, September 25 / 6 PM

“Come check out what the folks from Monkey Shoulder will be blending up for y’all!”

Everybody loves the opportunity to make their own drink, but what if something extra is thrown into the mix? Monkey Shoulder has created its very own "drink-cycle." This event will give guests a chance to hop on the “drink-cycle.” Guests will pedal to power the blender and “ride” their way to a finished scotch piña colada. 

No reservations required; bar is first come, first serve.

Showing tonight

Game Night - Irish Session

Wed, September 25 / 730 PM

What is it about Wednesday?

Wednesday is Game Night at the Duck.   What is Game Night, you may ask? 

It's an informal night of fun, no reservations, no cover charge, just come on by.

We put out our collection of board games like Checkers, Backgammon, Monopoly, Risk, Jeopardy, Operation, Clue, Trivial Pursuit etc, (or you are welcome to bring your favorite) and folks bring their families and friends to have a bite and play games. 

In keeping with the spirit of Game Night, you can roll the dice and try your luck.  Roll any combination that equals four, or  two fours, and your entree will be on the house.  

Wednesday is also Irish Session Night at the Duck which usually starts around 7:30pm

Showing tonight

Seth Walker

Thu, September 26 / 7 PM

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Seth Walker opened himself to a number of different creative paths on his new album, Are You Open?, both stylistically and lyrically, especially on "No More Will I," an openly political response to the Trump presidency, premiering exclusively below.

"I'd never really written a topical song like this before," the Nashville-based singer-songwriter tells Billboard about the track, which he co-wrote with longtime pal Gary Nicholson. "But thinking about the landscape here, socially, it got to a breaking point for me. I could not stand idle watching this -- just the fear-mongering and the blatant racism going on, right in our back yards. I just kinda looked at it going, 'Man, this is actually happening...' And our president's rhetoric is setting a tone for all this."

Walker, who declares "no more will I turn a blind eye” in the song over a spare, rolling rhythm and spacious arrangement, explored a variety of sources in writing "No More Will I" and other songs on Are You Open?, including Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches and poems by Maya Angelou, whom he name-checks in the song. "They were a big influence on me, how they went about it in a positive way, preaching love first," Walker explains. "It's a very personal tune, and I'm really, really proud of the way it kinds of spilled out through the recording."

While Walker usually writes lyrics and melody first, for Are You Open? he built tracks from grooves, assisted by Wood Brothers drummer Jano Rix, who produced the set. That resulted in a number of different sonic flavors, touching on Cuba and the Caribbean as well as New Orleans and some Americana fare. "This is my 10th studio album, and I really wanted to go out on the skinny end of the branch and kind of test myself and challenge myself and also challenge the listeners on a little bit more of a creative endeavor," he says. Spending time in Havana, he adds, had a particularly strong impact on his writing.

"I just got my mind blown, creatively, and came back and started writing some poetry," he notes. "I wrote a lot of these songs completely opposite of what I usually do, getting the grooves first. That's not my usual musical path but it was really exciting to see where it led me." Recording at home in Nashville also helped Walker, who hits the road Feb. 14, the day before Are You Open? comes out, expand his sound.

"I didn't have any real red light fever here at my house, like you have in a studio," he says. "You never know when the music shows up, so doing it here I could record at two in the afternoon, two in the morning. I was submerged. I could experiment -- 'Try this,' 'Nope, that ain't it...' Some of them have to spill out of you, and you capture that moment. So doing it at the house was a really great way for me. I'll probably end up doing it again."  - Billboard Magazine

Showing tonight

The Texicana Mamas

Thu, September 26 / 930 PM

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Separately their musical influences include folk, conjunto, Americana, flamenco, country, Tex-Mex rock ‘n’ roll, the Texas singer-songwriter tradition, the mariachi, corrido and norteño traditions of the border, and Lone Star country-rock.

Together, melding these inspirations with their own distinct sounds and personalities, the Texicana Mamas are creating something new, fresh, vibrant and distinct.

 Debuting at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café last fall, the Texicana Mamas have also performed at the Latinapalooza showcase during this year’s South By Southwest music festival and have other dates in the pipeline.

All three women are San Antonio natives with deep roots in the Latino/Anglo culture of South Texas. And though they came to music by different routes, each is governed by a passion for storytelling and cross-cultural musical fusion.

Showing tonight

James McMurtry

Fri, September 27 / 7 PM930 PM

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“McMurtry might be the best topical writer performing right now and (Just Us Kids) finds him at his finest.” —Patterson Hood, Drive-By Truckers

"America's fiercest songwriter" - CNN

“James McMurtry writes songs filled with characters so real that you're sure they're going to climb out of the speakers and look you in the eyes.” —VOICE OF AMERICA

“McMurtry aims for the jugular.” —DIRTY LINEN“

“The songwriting conscience of America,” —FOLK WAX

“As the years pile on, James McMurtry sings with ever more authority and deserved cynical grace...With each album, (he) finds more to say and a stubborn, uncompromising way to say it.” —iTUNES

“Music that's haunting but familiar, much like the struggles he depicts.” —WASHINGTON POST

Showing tonight

Sarah Grace & the Soul

Sat, September 28 / 7 PM

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Sarah Grace is a 16-year-old Indie/Roots singer and musical powerhouse from Houston, Texas. She was as a semi-finalist from season 15 of The Voice. Sarah Grace's powerful performance of "Amazing Grace" on The Voice, can be described as her signature moment, establishing her as a legitimate artist. The recording immediately shot to #3 on the overall iTunes charts, gained 1 million YouTube views, and lived on the Gospel/Christian charts of iTunes for several weeks thereafter. Universal Republic Records released her first four recordings via Apple Music exclusively.


Up until two years ago, Sarah Grace experienced synesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon which gave her strong sound-to-color associations. Although it has faded, she still has strong memories of certain songs, chords, and notes looking like specific colors as though music was “just like a painting.”


Sarah Grace was the first singer on The Voice to play trumpet and the first to play a Hammond organ. As a result, Hammond Organ invited Sarah to be an official artist in the Hammond family. Off stage, Sarah Grace attends the prestigious High School for the Performing and Visual Arts as a trumpet major and she performs in their orchestra, jazz and concert band ensembles.


Sarah Grace is no stranger to the stage, having performed over 100 shows in 2018, and currently touring nationally with her band Sarah Grace and The Soul, comprised of equally talented young musicians. They have won multiple awards including being named the "Best Newcomer" for 2019 by the Houston Press.

Showing tonight

Brendan James

Sat, September 28 / 930 PM

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For those who have followed Brendan James from his 2008 major label debut to his current ranking among today's top troubadours, the journey has been a pretty remarkable one. 

Born in New Hampshire, schooled in Chapel Hill, signed by Capitol Records by the age of 25, and road-tested with a thousand shows to date, James has certainly lived the life of a troubadour. His songs have landed spots on over 15 major television shows and feature films and he's achieved the #1 Singer Songwriter spot on iTunes, multiple times. He has formed relationships with music legends Carly Simon and Cat Stevens, enjoyed on-stage experiences with the likes of John Legend, John Mayer, and Paula Cole, and recently been asked to give a TedTalk on gun violence, love songs, and simpler societies.

Now, after two years of touring in support of his 2012 release, Simplify, James embarks on an altogether new sound. 

His new EP, The Howl, set for release in the summer of 2015, is bigger, badder, and dancier than anything he's attempted to date. In his words, The Howl is "...a reflection of my years on the road, my dreams broken and reformed, and my growing addiction to the upbeat and the feel good." He chose the name after reading a review of his last album, in which he was described as an artist holding back a howl. So howling he will do: bigger songs, bigger shows, and bigger goals.