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Slane Irish Whiskey Tasting

Wed, July 17 / 630 PM

Exclusive tasting event of Slane Triple Casked Irish Whiskey at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck on July 17, 2019 from 6:30-8pm.

About Slane Triple Casked Irish Whiskey:
Three Unique Casks for a Uniquely Complex Spirit: Slane Irish Whiskey takes many of its complex and smooth qualities from our signature Triple Casked process. Whiskey is aged in three varieties of casks: Virgin and Seasoned casks raised by hand at the venerated Brown-Forman Cooperages – and Oloroso sherry casks by way of Jerez in Spain.

Once the liquid has been aged to perfection, it is masterfully blended to create an exceptional Irish whiskey.
Showing tonight

Game Night - Irish Session

Wed, July 17 / 730 PM

Wednesday is Game Night at the Duck.   What is Game Night, you may ask? 

It's an informal night of fun, no reservations, no cover charge, just come on by.

We put out our collection of board games like Checkers, Backgammon, Monopoly, Risk, Jeopardy, Operation, Clue, Trivial Pursuit etc, (or you are welcome to bring your favorite) and folks bring their families and friends to have a bite and play games. 

In keeping with the spirit of Game Night, you can roll the dice and try your luck. 

Roll any combination that equals four, or two fours, and your entree will be on the house.  

Wednesday is also Irish Session Night at the Duck which usually starts around 7:30pm. 

For the sweet lady who asked that we explain what Irish Session is, here's the best definition I could find: 

Barry Foy's Field Guide to the Irish Music Session defines a session as:

...a gathering of Irish traditional musicians for the purpose of celebrating their common interest in the music by playing it together in a relaxed, informal setting, while in the process generally beefing up the mystical cultural mantra that hums along uninterruptedly beneath all manifestations of Irishness worldwide.

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Jamie Lin Wilson

Thu, July 18 / 7 PM

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"Jamie Lin Wilson adds a personal vulnerability to her music that makes you love her even more. She taps into her experiences as a mother and wife to add a certain level of depth and honesty that others seem timid to approach..." 10 Rising Texas Country Artists You Need to Know

"Life tends to transpire over a span of 80 years, not just eight. And every moment, every era can be marked by enchantment, discovery, and the poetry of life being recited to the soul as it unfolds in a never ending ribbon of emotional moments. This is the wisdom shared and won by listening to Jamie Lin Wilson’s Holidays & Wedding Rings...." Read More at Saving Country Music

Pittsburgh In Tune - "Jamie Lin Wilson takes break from The Trishas for stellar solo slab ‘Holidays & Wedding Rings’"

The Alternate RootJamie Lin Wilson - Holidays & Wedding Rings

Buddy Magazine - Engineering a singer-songwriter path

Texas Music Magazine - Jamie Lin Wilson - Holidays & Wedding Rings

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Loreta Kovacic

Thu, July 18 / 930 PM

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Just the other day, the earnest bohemians sipping their coffees and tapping at their laptops over at Antidote Coffee got a musical treat. A woman among them who was not so earnest — her flamboyant eyewear gives her away —- pulled a toy-like musical instrument out of her bag and began to play. The instrument, a melody horn, consists of a “laptop” keyboard maybe two feet long, and a plastic tube that the player blows into as she tickles the ivories, producing an accordion-like effect.

The effect was both very cool and very random. But when the performer, Heights resident, Shepherd School of Music PhD, and unique presence in the Houston music scene Loreta Kovacic, asked if I knew the tune, I had to say, "no."

“It’s the Internationale,” she smiled behind her tinted glasses. “It was bigger than the national anthem back home.”

She paused a beat then smiled again. “Just call me Comrade Loreta.”

“Back home” was Zagreb, Croatia (in the former Yugoslavia). Kovacic grew up in the years before the Balkans wars. She was a “good Catholic girl” in heavily Catholic Croatia. In fact, it was her priest uncle who first taught her to play the organ when she spent summers with him at his parish on a lavender-covered Dalmatianland. “He’d pump and I’d play, and vice versa,” she says.

From there she studied piano in the government music schools, which were “very structured. They developed skill but didn’t inspire creativity.” For inspiration Kovacic turned to an 81-year-old woman composer. “If you want to be creative, just write your own music,” Kovacic remembers her saying. “I was shocked, to tell you the truth, to hear an old woman say that.”

In high school she helped form a rock band that had a national following. She played the Polymoog Synthesizer. “I was the first female rock electronic keyboard player in the ex-Yugoslavia,” Kovacic says.

She wasn’t completely surprised when war began in the early ‘90s. “My dad had told me to get out. He said that something bad was coming.”

By 1986 she had come to the U.S. to study piano. Her Ph D studies brought her to Rice. She married and had two kids, and now she hopes she never has to leave.

“Austin is a small town compared to Houston. Barcelona is too. I’m serious.”

Once the wars began, she followed them with increasing anger, and often fantasized about becoming a CIA agent so she could assassinate Milosevic. “I imagined I would be playing a private recital for him, and that he would hit on me because he was such a pig. And then I would kill him.” Kovacic may yet take her artistic revenge on the former Serb leader, as she hopes to write an opera about the war.

Kovacic had a bright future as a classical pianist; she gave two solo performances at Carnegie Hall, the latest in 2008. “The New York critics said there was hope for me with 20th Century music,” she says.

But fate—in the form of severe tendonitis—stepped in before her second Carnegie concert. The tendonitis set in whenever she “pounded the piano,” she says. “And with my personality I have to pound.”

She couldn’t practice for three months before that second concert. “Up until the day of the concert I was wondering if I could perform.” Woozy on painkillers, she took the stage, and when she left it she knew her career as a concert pianist was over. “My hand was so swollen afterward I could hardly walk because of the pain,” she says.

So she changed the scale of her musical ambitions. Now she composes and directs children’s musicals, and plays around town at venues like the Mucky Duck, the Contemporary Arts Museum, and, this Saturday night, at the Boom Boom Room. To spare her wrist she plays an electronic keyboard, or, now, the melody horn. She also sings. Her show includes “songs from countries that I like: Brazil, Cuba, Italy” and her own compositions. Many of her songs are about local figures, such as the Art Guys. 

The show has a distinctively cabaret feel to it, with all the notes filtered through her larger-than-life personality. (Her husband, Joe Parani, who trains astronauts for a living, accompanies Loreta on a theremin he built from a mail-order kit.) - Culturemap

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Alejandro Escovedo - Solo Acoustic Show

Fri, July 19 / 7 PM930 PM

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Crossing borders, jumping barriers, taking risks, betting it all: that’s the path Alejandro Escovedo has been taking in his lifelong search for the heart of rock and roll. 

Alejandro’s new album,  The Crossing (YepRoc Records, September 14) is about that journey: searching, but not necessarily finding, eyes and ears open all the way.  It is his first for Yep Roc Records and his first ever recorded in Europe.   “This says more about me than any of my records without it being a record about me,” Alejandro says.

The Crossing tells the tale of two boys, one from Mexico, one from Italy, who meet in Texas to chase their American rock and roll dreams. They discover a not-so-welcoming, very different place from the Promised Land they imagined, with cameos from the likes of Wayne Kramer of the MC5, Joe Ely and James Williamson of the Stooges to show the boys the way.

It was recorded in an Italian farmhouse near Mogdliana and features his collaborator and co-songwriter Don Antonio with his band whom will be backing and opening for Alejandro. Don Antonio has backed numerous American acts in Europe but this will be their first ever tour of the US.

Escovedo’s  trailblazing career began with The Nuns, San Francisco's famed punk innovators, to the Austin-based-based alt-country rock pioneers, Rank & File, to Texas bred darlings, True Believers, through countless all-star collaborations and tribute album appearances and finally a series of beloved solo albums beginning with 1992's acclaimed Gravity, Escovedo has earned a surplus of distinctions: No Depression magazine's ‘Artist of the Decade’ Award in 1998 and the Americana Music Association's Lifetime Achievement Award for Performing in 2006, just to name two. 

His last album Burn Something Beautiful was co-produced, written and recorded with Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey.  Alejandro worked with producing legend Tony Visconti (David Bowie/T-Rex)  on Real Animal and Street Songs of Love; he has previously worked with Chuck Prophet, John Cale, Los Lobos, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen.  Now Hepatitis C free,  Alejandro serves as a spokesperson for the Prevent Cancer Foundation “Think About the Link” campaign about the link between viruses and Hep C. As an official showcasing artist, the Alejandro Escovedo Band with Don Antonio will debut The Crossing at the Americana Music Association Festival 2018 at the Americana Music Stage, hosted by WMOT Roots Radio, NPR Music and World Cafe.

"You just do your good work, and people care," Alejandro says. "I always believed, when I was a kid, that if you worked hard, you would find fulfillment. I think I got a lot of that from my father and my brothers. A working musician is all I ever wanted to be. Hard work, stay true to what you want to do, and then eventually someone would notice for that very reason."

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Sat, July 20 / 7 PM

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Wheatfield is a quartet of musical songwriting veterans, originating in Houston who helped shape the musical landscape filled with Texas troubadours during the '70's with performances on the PBS television show Austin City Limits, along with legendary Austin venues such as Armadillo World Headquarters, Cactus Cafe and Castle Creek and Houston venues, Liberty Hall, Texas Opry House, Rockefeller's and Fitzgerald's.

After a 25 year hiatus, the band reformed in 2004 with Craig Calvert, Connie Mims, Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet.

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Shelley King

Sat, July 20 / 930 PM

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Some people enter a room and blend right in. Not Shelley King. She sweeps in, carrying herself with the strength and assurance of a woman who knows how to step up and get it done, whether “it” is leading her band, running her own record label or co-producing her new album, Building A Fire.


If there’s a little swagger to her strut, she’s earned it. Since quitting a sales job to pursue music full time in 1998, the singer-songwriter has served as the first female Texas state musician, performed with Levon Helm, toured the United States, Europe and Japan and cut two albums with members of the Subdudes — including this one, her seventh.


She’s also the author of a song recorded by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra; they duetted on “Texas Blue Moon” after Hazlewood heard King’s version on the radio while driving through the state. That might chalk up as a lucky break, but it’s King’s talent and tenacity that make such breaks happen.

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Open Mic

Mon, July 22 / 630 PM

No cover charge.

This little gem might be a bit easily overlooked in Houston’s typical bar scene, but that’s because it’s an entirely different kind of place. McGonigel’s Mucky Ducky is an Irish pub that features a very popular open mic night every Monday at 7 p.m. (sign up by 6:30 p.m.) You’ll hear plenty of folk, country and acoustic renditions by performers that spent their afternoon in classes at Rice or a long day at the office. Not only does the pub feature an impressive array of live music almost every night, but the Mucky Duck has been listed by Billboard Magazine as one of the 20 best acoustic venues in the country. - CBS HOUSTON


The Duck stage is open for you to present your original compositions or a favorite song made famous by someone else. 

Comedians, poets, jugglers and mimes also welcome.

Don't be shy. Come on out ~ It's your turn to be a Mucky Duck Open Mic Star.

Each performer has 3 songs or 15 minutes for their performance. 

Showing tonight

Staehely Brothers

Tue, July 23 / 730 PM

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Members of the classic rock band, Spirit, The Staehely Brothers (Al and John) are hosting two very diverse shows on the same night for one ticket price. The first, at 7:30 PM,  a cool collection of Staehely written acoustic numbers- some recorded by Marty Balin, Keith Moon, Bobbie Gentry, John Cippolina, Nick Gravenites, Patti Dahlstrom, Peter Cox of Go West and up and coming blues sensation, Annika Chambers-  others recorded by Al and John when they left Austin in '71 to join the legendary West Coast group, Spirit.  

Also featured will be songs from the the Staehely Brothers Epic Records release, Al's solo recordings on Polygram and SteadyBoy Records, as well as new songs- some influenced by Al's travels to Brazil.  John's guitar work makes clear why Robert Palmer, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt and Jo Jo Gunne chose him as their guitar slinger.  Sitting in with the brothers is Evelyn Rubio, the beautiful and uniquely talented singer and sax player from Mexico City.  A cameo performance by Al's son, Christian, featuring his compositions, will offer a glimplse of more to come from the Staehely millinneal. 

At 9:00 PM Al and John will rock the Duck along with Texas Music Hall of Fame drummer, Freddie Steady Krc, and keyboardist Mike Robenbaum with an electric set including songs from their Spirit days like "Nature's Way", "I Got a Line on You" and "Cadillac Cowboys".  The Staehely Brothers are not only contemporary artists but they are also a part of America’s musical heritage.  Merging their Texas style with West Coast rock they took their music on the road headlining Carnegie Hall as Spirit members and touring the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. On November 1st, they bring it all back home to Houston.

Reservations are highly recommended for this two show, one ticket, one night special event. 

with special guest, Evelyn Rubio