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Jordi Baizan

Tue, May 23 / 730 PM

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Hometown Houston CD Release show for Jordi Baizan and his debut solo record,  Like the First Time.

with special guests The Renfrees


These songs are inspired by loving relationships, the triumph of the human spirit in the face of tragedy, the beauty of nature, how our decisions give us the power to shape our destiny, and the importance of family and where Jordi grew up. This project was recorded and produced in Nashville by the brilliant Ren Renfree, who, with his wife Andi, will be opening the show and later joining Jordi onstage.  


Jordi Baizan was born into an international and musical family. With his distinctive voice and songwriting, he has the ability to connect with the mind and the heart of the listener. A life of reading, global travel, and multicultural experiences enhance Jordi Baizan’s songwriting along with musical influences as varied as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy, Guy Clark, and the folk music of the USA, Mexico, Cuba, and Spain.

Both as a solo artist and as front man and songwriter for his band, QandA, Jordi has experienced growing recognition from audiences on the radio and in some of the best listening room venues in the country. QandA released its third record on January 12, 2016. The first Jordi Baizan solo record will be released on May 23, 2017 at the Mucky Duck in Houston.  

Following will be a tour that will take Jordi to destinations domestic and international. 

The Renfrees are a performing songwriter duo, now residing in the Nashville area, and founding members of two-time Texas vocal group of the year 2-Bit Palomino.

Showing tonight

Game Night - Irish Session

Wed, May 24 / 730 PM

Board games are hot right now — whether it’s the new Euro-style games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, 7 Wonders or Power Grid, or you’re kickin’ it old school with traditional games like the Trumpesque, land-grabbing Monopoly. For a great midweek diversion, head on over to the Mucky Duck for a pint and a little tabletop competition; they’ve been at it for almost 25 years. We checked in with Stevie Hazlewood, day manager for McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, and she says the club stocks a nice selection of titles for the Wednesday night Game Night and Irish Session. 

“It runs the gamut from Connect Four, to Scrabble, Yahtzee, Risk, three different versions of Monopoly, Scattergories, Cards Against Humanity,” says Hazlewood. Play one of those games or bring your own, and scarf down pub snacks like fish and chips, Welsh rarebit and the club’s famous shepherd’s pie. 

Best of all, there’s no cover. 7:30 p.m. 

- Susie Tommaney - Houston Press

Showing tonight

Kristin Coyle & the Black Swans

Thu, May 25 / 7 PM

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From out of the doldrums comes the wind. A new era of Irish rock is approaching. Where the bedrock of blues and the verdant tides of traditional Irish music meet comes the sound of Kristin Coyle and the Black Swans. 

Feisty fiddling is accompanied by a weaving electric guitar and a healthy dose of drum swagger. Prepare thyself for a journey which has only just begun.

Showing tonight

The Dead Soldiers

Thu, May 25 / 930 PM

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Dead Soldiers is an American Roots Rock Band from Memphis, Tennessee.  Much like The Band and Tom Waits, they draw deeply from influences ranging from Rock, Soul, Outlaw Country, and Bluegrass to Blues to carve out their own dark perspective on what it means to live and die in the American South.  

Songs about anxiety, poverty, politics, history and death, are lifted by three and four part vocal harmonies, and paired with detailed instrumentation to create a dynamic musical identity with an energy and irreverence that sets them apart from what the world has come to expect from today's crop of soft-handed "Americana Artists."

They are a group forged in a city that is synonymous with musical innovation. Profoundly affected by the legacy of studios like Sun and Stax, and the way Memphis had become a mixing pot for the wide ranging musical styles of the delta to collide and evolve, Dead Soldiers are more interested in building on this foundation than simply paying homage to it.  

They're more interested in capturing the outlaw spirit of the collaborations that defied the social structures of the Jim Crow south and later the music establishment to make something new, rather than purely emulating the styles of the past.

Showing tonight

Jeremy O'Bannon & Graham Wilkinson

Fri, May 26 / 7 PM

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Jeremy O’Bannon

Born in Austin in the mid-Seventies,  Jeremy O’Bannon moved to Houston when he was three, growing up in the Bayou City before shuttling his adult life between the two cities. Work brought him back to Houston five years ago, where he picked up the guitar and started writing. Raised on Townes Van Zandt and the Band, Ray Lamontagne and Norah Jones, he nestled into a warm, cozy corner of narrative storytelling almost immediately.

Graham Wilkinson

Over the years, Graham’s musical sensibilities were influenced in equal parts by folk, New York’s anti-folk/naked rock movements, and the artist’s older brother and fellow musician, Aaron Wilkinson. The tie to American roots music, church music, and working man’s music remains Graham’s most essential muse.

The full spectrum of American dreams, from protest to praise, is represented in Graham’s music. That praise and protest is pooled, pulled, picked, and sung nightly in this town and that town.

Showing tonight

Del Barber

Fri, May 26 / 930 PM

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Barber has emerged as one of the next wave in this country’s proud tradition of songwriting talent. The follow-up to his award-winning albums Love Songs for the Last Twenty and Headwaters, Prairieography is the earnest travelogue of a wandering troubadour, and the realization that creativity is rarely a bolt of lightning.

Good songs are the result of hard work, calloused fingers and learned lessons from a life well lived.

Showing tonight

Johnny Nicholas

Sat, May 27 / 7 PM

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“Johnny Nicholas is one of the best bluesmen ever, black or white.”


When it comes to Americana Roots Music and especially the Blues, the late great Stephen Bruton knew what he was talking about. Those who knew him knew that he always got to the point. His description of his long time friend and musical comrade in arms is succinct and quite a heady compliment, but then, Johnny Nicholas is an amazing talent.

For four decades Johnny’s consummate musicianship and vocal skills have graced live music scenes across the country and abroad. He has toured, performed and recorded with many true blues and Americana Roots Music legends including:

Mississippi Fred McDowell, Robert Lockwood Jr., Johnny Shines, Big Walter Horton, Roosevelt Sykes, Nathan Abshire, Robert Pete Williams, Eddie Taylor, Billy Boy Arnold, Hound Dog Taylor, Johnny Young, Houston Stackhouse, and Boogie Woogie Red.

He recorded and toured with Johnny Shines and Snooky Pryor, producing and playing guitar on their W.C. Handy Award-winning album Back to the Country. He was a lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with Asleep at the Wheel when they won their first of many Grammy Awards.

He gave Blues Guitar Icon Ronnie Earl his first gig in the now legendary band Guitar Johnny and the Rhythm Rockers.

He has also shared the stage and performed with the likes of Howlin Wolf, BB King, Muddy Waters, Bonnie Rait, Eric Clapton, Pops and Mavis Staples, Delbert McClinton, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard,and Jimmie Vaughan among many others.

He can wow a festival crowd of thousands or a small room of devotees. There are mysteries within this history, but remember that true history is written in the uncharted depths of a passionate spirit striving to fathom the mysteries, the pain and the joy of life and love. Here’s what you need to know about Johnny Nicholas—the rest and the best is all in his music.

Johnny discovered the blues at an early age, grooving to the great R&B that was blasting from the airwaves in the late 50’s and early 60’s—Jimmy Reed, Lightnin Slim, Slim Harpo, Lloyd Price, Larry Williams, Little Walter, Ray Charles and The Howling Wolf were all Big Blips on this impressionable young man’s radar screen. Like fellow Greek-American Johnny Otis had a generation earlier, this Johnny easily made the leap into the soulful world of the Blues, a music very similar in feeling and expression to the Rembetika music he heard as a child in the Greek community.

In 1966, he hopped the train to New York City to see his idol the Wolf. He ended up hanging with Wolf’s band at the Albert Hotel by day (where Wolf’s band AND Muddy’s band and Otis Spann were all staying) and at Ungano’s nightclub by night where the Wolf was holding musical court while on a two week prowl of the Big Apple. This experience cemented his love of the blues while providing inspiration and a gateway to friendships and musical adventures that would help mold a successful career and still smolder in this talented and restless soul. The common thread between all these influences is that of a true storyteller and troubadour, a living connection to the roots of American music that started in the Mississippi Delta and continues to flow down the river of traditional and contemporary sounds that emanate from Johnny Nicholas

Showing tonight

Mike Stinson

Sat, May 27 / 930 PM

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Mike Stinson can write songs in his really, check out Walking Home In The Rain from his fourth and most recent album Hell And Half Of Georgia. "Well that only happened once but yeah it's true. I woke up with that song fully formed playing in my head. No idea where it came from." General consensus is that Mike's blue collar songwriting ethic earned him that freebie. That kind of 'luck' comes from putting in the time. Here's a glimpse at what that time has looked like. Raised in Virginia, schooled in DC, Mike moved to Los Angeles where eighteen years made him a veteran of what he calls "the trenches of beer joint warfare." The last six years have found him based in Houston and barnstorming the roadhouses of Texas week in and week out.


Along the way he has written his very own version of the American songbook and developed an expansive live show that "has taken country and rock and boiled them down to their essence before injecting everything with the kind of ju-ju that Gram Parsons died for." (Bill Bentley, The Morton Report)  Critical acclaim has followed. Los Angeles Magazine named him Best Country Artist (2004), The Houston Press awarded him Song Of The Year (2010), Texas Music Magazine named him one of their Artists of The Year (2012) and one of their Records of The Year (2013), and The Houston Press named him Best Country Artist in each of the last two years (2014, 2015). But perhaps the more significant mark of Mike's creative success is the respect and admiration he's earned from a large songwriting community. His songs have been released on albums by Dwight Yoakam, Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Gilkyson, Jesse Dayton, Brian Whelan, Folk Uke (featuring Willie Nelson), Austin Hanks and Larry Bagby.


Few, if any walk, away from a Mike Stinson show unaffected by his particular slant. His songs are the thrills, chills and spills of life, filled with razor sharp word play, charm, depth, poignance and musical muscle. “Mike Stinson is dangerous, the kind of songwriter who can upend the way you see the world with a single line, and whose lean, mean rock and roll machine of a band usually starts at a Chuck Berry gallop and goes from there. They can crank it so hard, in fact, it’s entirely possible to miss all the diamond-tipped rejoinders, double entendres, aphorisms and the occasional outright burn that litter Stinson’s songs, and make him one of the wickedest lyricists around today.” HOUSTON PRESS

Showing tonight

Mon, May 29 /